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No Ambitions

Any runner knows that it’s hard to stay consistent in running routines.

For me, running is pretty easy to stick too up until the following events happen to me.

Vacation, sickness or extended weather are my main three enemies that throw me off.  I fall off the horse, and I can go to 30 miles a week to zero until I get back on the horse.

My solution to stick with running momentum worked well for me.

I found a running app that was lacking a feature of editable running logs.  Meaning, that I can’t go back to my running logs and change them.  Strava works perfectly in this situation.

Second, I used stickk to make a commitment contract that I will stick to my running plan.  You tell stick and your judge how long you will run each week.

Use strava to show proof that you did to your running plan.  I like to keep my running plan a little short of my ideal mileage just in case if I do get sick or the weather is crappy.  If I want to do 25 miles a week, I’ll commit to 20 instead so I can at least skip a full day of running if something goes wrong.

That’s it! Start off small and go easy on yourself.  This plan should help you stay on the horse even when your running situations aren’t ideal.


A couple of posts back I talk about how I removed all of my distractions on my computer.

However, there was a bigger problem that most everybody in the first world that struggle.  I was struggling with it.

The black mirror was consuming a lot of my life.  My iPhone started to give me habits I wasn’t happy about, and it was distracting me from the important things.

The problem with smartphones is that you’re carrying a distraction all day long.  Also, smartphones are not flexible as computers, especially my iPhone.

The good news is I figure out a way to block the biggest distractions on my phone while keeping things on my phone that helps me with day to day tasks.

On every smartphone, there is a restrictions menu. The restrictions menu is mostly designed for kids, but I highly recommend you use it for yourself.

I take a friend or family member and tell them to enter the password and write it on paper. I tell them to fold it up and hand it over to me.  Usually, that’s enough for me because I feel like looking at the paper is losing but if I feel temptation, I throw it my Ksafe.

I block all social media websites and other favorite sites I like to check multiple times a day. I also prevent myself from installing new applications

Every couple weeks when I feel like I need to install new apps or indulge myself for a day I find the paper with the password and enter it in.  Then I repeat the process above to start again.


“Hey Levi, my girl is trying to sell some girl scout cookies, you want some?”

That’s the sentence that brings fear to my heart and many other people who are trying to lose weight.

These events come in different forms throughout the year. Secret Santa drops off goody bags.  Easter bunny leaves plastic eggs filled with candy all over the house.  A friend surprises you with baked goods to cheer you up.

All of these people have good intention but causes a lot of problems for people like me who has a hard time controlling myself.

Sure I can throw it away, but I can hear my WWII gen German grandma yelling at me that we shouldn’t waste food.  Why would you throw away food when somebody took the time to give to you?

This situation creates a situation that is a no win situation no matter what you do.

Luckily there was a solution I found that help me pace myself with my sugar consumption.

The Ksafe is the one thing that helps me get through all of this.

Ksafe is a container that locks itself and is unopenable until the timer is up.

After getting these well intention candy, I throw them in my Ksafe right away and set my Ksafe to open once a day. Sometimes longer if I feel the need to pace myself more.

There are other scenarios you can create to help you with this, but Ksafe is the easiest solution I found. Ksafe has to help me with girl scout cookies and the bags and bags of Easter Candy I got this last year.


Did I just waste my whole day on three websites?

Looking at Facebook, Reddit, and Boardgamegeek is the only thing I did all day, and I was neglecting responsibilities.

I started to notice the results of being tied to a 24/7 content cycle. I always wanted validation from my Facebook.

It took me awhile to find a solution to this problem. I try a lot of chrome extensions that block you from websites but were quickly overridden by uninstalling them.

I had to bring out the big guns and that was Cold Turkey.

Cold Turkey is an app that you use on your computer to eliminate distractions. It can block any website or any other application from your computer.

My current use of it prevents all website distractions until 9 p.m. I also give myself Friday afternoon and all day Saturday so that I can indulge in a limited amount of time.

So if you’re looking for a way to disconnect, I highly recommend Cold Turkey.


“Well crap. Now I have to to really commit myself.”

This was the thought that went through my head as I handed my check to my sister in law to stop a habit that I was having a hard time controlling.

“If you see me bring any food into the house that you deem unhealthy into the house you can deposit this in.”

That was one of the many tools I decided to use to fight against my biggest worst habit.

Eating fast food.

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Ian's Weight Loss

Ian Ayres was really disappointed in himself.

He let himself go. Again.

After the holiday binge Ian found himself over 200 pounds again.

It happened in a cycle. He would go on a extreme diet and exercise plan he couldn’t sustain it. At first everything seem to work well but by the years end he had fallen to old habits and gain his weight back.

Sounds familiar? A lot of us fall into the yearly yo yo weight gain cycle.

However, being an Yale economics professor, Ian used an old economic theory that helped him maintain his weight and stop his yo yo weight loss and gains.

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Since 2013 I’ve been working hard to document things in my life that has help me. This blog is moving in a similar but also different direction from past content and I decided to reboot my blog over it. However, I don’t want to dismiss my past findings even though I think there are better methods to use in your life.  Here are four videos that can help you with losing weight, and working hardier.  Most of these are based on psychology research that has helped withe people’s lives.