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No Ambitions

Ian's Weight Loss

Ian Ayres was really disappointed in himself.

He let himself go. Again.

After the holiday binge Ian found himself over 200 pounds again.

It happened in a cycle. He would go on a extreme diet and exercise plan he couldn’t sustain it. At first everything seem to work well but by the years end he had fallen to old habits and gain his weight back.

Sounds familiar? A lot of us fall into the yearly yo yo weight gain cycle.

However, being an Yale economics professor, Ian used an old economic theory that helped him maintain his weight and stop his yo yo weight loss and gains.

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Since 2013 I’ve been working hard to document things in my life that has help me. This blog is moving in a similar but also different direction from past content and I decided to reboot my blog over it. However, I don’t want to dismiss my past findings even though I think there are better methods to use in your life.  Here are four videos that can help you with losing weight, and working hardier.  Most of these are based on psychology research that has helped withe people’s lives.