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No Ambitions

You’re wasting your life away. It doesn’t need to be that way.


On this site you will learn…

  • Put accountability on yourself to make a “no fail” situation.
  • Set goals that are actually winnable.
  • Live the life you want to live.

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How To Stop Hoarding

How To Stop Hoarding

People have a TON of junk, myself included.

The hobby board gamer is the worst victim of this.

Again, myself included in this. I’m a hoarder of board games.

The problem is that sometimes I acquire new games and stop playing my old ones.

I had to learn how to stop hoarding.

I found a way to stop collecting games and start playing them.

I found my answer with Rodney Smith from Watch It Played.

He might of not realize it, but he was using a psychology principle to help himself play his massive collection. In this video I talk about how I stop myself from acquiring too many things and actually enjoy the games I have rather looking forward to the ones I don’t have.

Click below to watch the video. Again, after the video I have some next actions for you.

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CRAFT (3)If you’re not setting up accountability, you’re probably not going to finish your goal.

There has been a bunch of psychology studies on how losses loom greater than gains.

In short, you need to put something at stake to finish your goals. Stop rewarding yourself.

This part is very critical part to how to set goals

There are many ways to do this.  Click below to see how.

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CRAFT (2)People tend get off on the wrong foot right away when making goals.

They make promises to themselves that they can’t keep.

However, I found there is a two step process on stopping yourself from doing this.

This is how you start how to set goals with accountability.

#1. Keep it short.

#2 Make it winnable.

That’s it.  Very simple.  There is no need to go crazy with the rules.

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2015-03-17 04.15.17I hate working hard under stress.

I tend to crumble under the stress.

This makes me want to learn how to work hard.

Also, I tend to reward myself for working hard so I can feel better.

However found out I’ve been rewarding myself in the wrong way.

It’s vital to know how you can use rewards to your advantage. You might be rewarding yourself for the wrong reasons.

In this video I’ll tell you about a surprising research I found in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (via Washington Post).

I will teach you how to work harder with chocolate.

Yes, chocolate can make you work hardier. Click below to watch the video.

Also stay after to watch a cute dog video.  I also have some tasks for you below the video.

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100 Pounds Loss

There is two questions that really PISSES me off.

It’s not a stupid question.  But really, it isn’t a smart question.

It happens after when people ask me how to lose 100 pounds.

“What diet did you use?” and “What workout are you using?”

I usually ask them how many diets have they tried. The answer sometimes go into the double digits.

“Well… if those diets don’t work, what makes you think my diet will work for you?”.

The question is much more broader. “How did you teach yourself to have healthy behaviors”?

There is a REAL answer with that.  That’s the key to how to lose 100 pounds.

In the video below I’ll teach you how to make any diet stick with you and stick to your workout plan.

Click below to watch the video to find all the answers.  I got homework for you below the video.

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