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Fail Proof Running Guide

Any runner knows that it’s hard to stay consistent in running routines.

For me, running is pretty easy to stick too up until the following events happen to me.

Vacation, sickness or extended weather are my main three enemies that throw me off.  I fall off the horse, and I can go to 30 miles a week to zero until I get back on the horse.

My solution to stick with running momentum worked well for me.

I found a running app that was lacking a feature of editable running logs.  Meaning, that I can’t go back to my running logs and change them.  Strava works perfectly in this situation.

Second, I used stickk to make a commitment contract that I will stick to my running plan.  You tell stick and your judge how long you will run each week.

Use strava to show proof that you did to your running plan.  I like to keep my running plan a little short of my ideal mileage just in case if I do get sick or the weather is crappy.  If I want to do 25 miles a week, I’ll commit to 20 instead so I can at least skip a full day of running if something goes wrong.

That’s it! Start off small and go easy on yourself.  This plan should help you stay on the horse even when your running situations aren’t ideal.

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