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Fighting the Black Mirror

A couple of posts back I talk about how I removed all of my distractions on my computer.

However, there was a bigger problem that most everybody in the first world that struggle.  I was struggling with it.

The black mirror was consuming a lot of my life.  My iPhone started to give me habits I wasn’t happy about, and it was distracting me from the important things.

The problem with smartphones is that you’re carrying a distraction all day long.  Also, smartphones are not flexible as computers, especially my iPhone.

The good news is I figure out a way to block the biggest distractions on my phone while keeping things on my phone that helps me with day to day tasks.

On every smartphone, there is a restrictions menu. The restrictions menu is mostly designed for kids, but I highly recommend you use it for yourself.

I take a friend or family member and tell them to enter the password and write it on paper. I tell them to fold it up and hand it over to me.  Usually, that’s enough for me because I feel like looking at the paper is losing but if I feel temptation, I throw it my Ksafe.

I block all social media websites and other favorite sites I like to check multiple times a day. I also prevent myself from installing new applications

Every couple weeks when I feel like I need to install new apps or indulge myself for a day I find the paper with the password and enter it in.  Then I repeat the process above to start again.

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