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No Ambitions

How I escaped from Girl Scout cookies and Easter candy

“Hey Levi, my girl is trying to sell some girl scout cookies, you want some?”

That’s the sentence that brings fear to my heart and many other people who are trying to lose weight.

These events come in different forms throughout the year. Secret Santa drops off goody bags.  Easter bunny leaves plastic eggs filled with candy all over the house.  A friend surprises you with baked goods to cheer you up.

All of these people have good intention but causes a lot of problems for people like me who has a hard time controlling myself.

Sure I can throw it away, but I can hear my WWII gen German grandma yelling at me that we shouldn’t waste food.  Why would you throw away food when somebody took the time to give to you?

This situation creates a situation that is a no win situation no matter what you do.

Luckily there was a solution I found that help me pace myself with my sugar consumption.

The Ksafe is the one thing that helps me get through all of this.

Ksafe is a container that locks itself and is unopenable until the timer is up.

After getting these well intention candy, I throw them in my Ksafe right away and set my Ksafe to open once a day. Sometimes longer if I feel the need to pace myself more.

There are other scenarios you can create to help you with this, but Ksafe is the easiest solution I found. Ksafe has to help me with girl scout cookies and the bags and bags of Easter Candy I got this last year.

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