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The Checking It In Technique – An Intro Techinque To Loss Aversion

“Well crap. Now I have to to really commit myself.”

This was the thought that went through my head as I handed my check to my sister in law to stop a habit that I was having a hard time controlling.

“If you see me bring any food into the house that you deem unhealthy into the house you can deposit this in.”

That was one of the many tools I decided to use to fight against my biggest worst habit.

Eating fast food.

I have also used this technique to help me stay focus on my running.  I go for a run and show proof on a running app that I went for a run on that day.

So how does this work? It’s easy.  It only requires you a check and giving to somebody who you know will keep you accountable.

Write a check to someone who will keep you accountable.  I would highly recommend give it to someone who with you a lot like a roommate or a family member.   The amount should be put at a threshold where you don’t want to lose.  Mine is usually around $50 but depending on how much money it could be more or less.

Once you are done tell your accountability coach to go hide it and keep it.  Tell them what you are trying to accomplish.

That’s it. It’s really simple and effective.

This is you using the law of loss aversion. I covered the a case study in the last post.

In the comments below tell me how you want to use this technique and what is your biggest obstacle you are facing today.

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